District 9                                                           


Phone: 919-497-4244
Email: GAL.District09@nccourts.org
Primary Address: Franklin County Courthouse, 113 S. Main Street, Suite 108, Louisburg, NC 27549 (see map)
Satellite Address: Vance County, 156 Church St, Suite MO33, Henderson, NC 27536 (see map)

Satellite Address #2: Person County, 105 South Main Street, Suite G38, Roxboro, NC 27573 (see map)

Satellite Address #3: Granville County,1001 College Street, Oxford, NC 27565 (see map)

Counties Covered: Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance and  Warren

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D9 SecondQuarter 2020 Newsletter


"Since becoming a GAL in 2015, I’ve supported four children. As I’ve interacted with incredibly generous foster parents, affected children yearning for affection and stability, social workers who truly care, and a supportive court system, I now know there is an infinite potential for love in the world, and all it takes to tap into it is the will to do so. For me, being a GAL is an expression of that belief." 

— Jason Feingold, GAL since 2015


Judicial District 9’s four counties have 68 community GAL volunteer advocates who are the voices in court for 151 youth.

The district’s 3 staff and 3 attorney advocates are committed to supporting advocates as they tell the story and make fact based recommendations to judges.

Join us! Come learn a child’s story, be their voice, keep systems aware of the child’s sense of time and make a difference in the life of a child.

“When I took my oath as a Guardian ad Litem, I swore to take seriously its meaning, 'keeper of the case.' I’m thankful I speak and work only for my child. It is their best interest in which my time and work continue to be vested." GAL of 3 years.









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