District 28                                                           


Phone: 828-259-3443
Email: GAL.District28@nccourts.org
Primary Address: 31 College Place, Suite D204, Asheville, NC 28801 (see map)
Counties Covered: Buncombe

Your GAL Support Team, District 28, Buncombe County:

District Administrator:
Jennifer Nehlsen 828-259-6602 jennifer.e.nehlsen@nccourts.org


GAL Supervisors:
Jenna Jackson 828-259-6600 jenna.l.jackson@nccourts.org


Sarah Vial 828-259-6608 sarah.vial@nccourts.org


Coby Wellshear 828-259-6604 coby.c.wellshear@nccourts.org


Sarah Young 828-259-6605 sarah.e.young@nccourts.org


Program Specialist:
Dianna Ryel-Lindsey 828-259-6603 dianna.ryel-lindsey@nccourts.org

Upcoming Trainings & Events

2019 GAL Continuing Education:

GAL Continuing Education events are held 12-1:30pm on the third Monday of the month at the Unitarian Universalist Church located at 1 Edwin Place in Asheville. Continuing Education is offered to all GALs to increase their knowledge and skills on topics applicable to their case work. We hope to see you there in 2019!

April15th—Pisgah Legal Services and the Programming They Offer

May 20th— Gender Diversity Training by Helpmate

June 17th—Safe Together (Domestic Violence Child Welfare Model) by DSS

July 15th—START Team (Practice Model for Substance Use cases) by DSS



2018 Winter Newsletter


I’m a GAL because a critical need in our community is not being satisfied. Hundreds of neglected and abused babies and children have no one to speak for them, nobody to focus on their needs. I can do that. I can fill that need. Each hour I spend working to improve a young person’s life, gives purpose to my life.”

–John Russo, District 28 GAL




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